Saturday, October 25, 2008

With his transition from intubation to tracheostomy and gastric tube, Geoff is resting more comfortably now, and is breathing on his own. However, he fluctuates between periods of restfulness and aggitation, so he periodically receives anti-anxiety medication. Thankfully, the nursing staff has done an excellent job in meeting Geoff's needs.

In reviewing our previous updates, we realized we forgot to mention that Geoff opened his eyes last Wednesday. However, he has not yet demonstrated deliberate and repeatable responses to visual or other neurological tests. That said, Geoff has an improved physical appearance, and we hold out hope for neurological improvement as well.

Geoff's dearest friends, from both near and far, continue to provide support to Geoff and his family. In the process, we have relived old tales and learned some new ones. Thank you for your support.

Next week, probably Tuesday, we expect Geoff to transfer from El Camino Hospital to Los Altos Sub-Acute Rehabilitation Center. If you want to learn about Geoff's new home, here's a weblink:


Anonymous said...

I'm very excited to hear about Geoff opening his eyes :) what a blessing that must have been. Thanks for posting this blog!

Scott Carlton said...


I'm sorry I haven't been able to send you words of encouragement (technical problems on my part), but I found a solution - ask Scott to send them.  

We are praying for your complete recovery.  Now that your body is mending, you can focus on healing your mind.  I remember, even as a child, how focused and driven you are. I'm sure you will wake up and remember all the wonderful things people have written about you.  You will be a sensitive, caring young doctor - the world needs more of them, just ask me, the nurse.

We are also praying you, Carol, Walt and Mike.  Waiting for healing can be
excruciating.  Please know you have touched so many people in such a positive way - that's why so many are reaching out to you now.  love, Randy, Gerri, Amy (Harrison) and Scott Carlton

Scott Carlton said...

Hey Geoff & The Rau/Raymond Family -

Just wanted to pass along some thoughts I have had over the past couple of weeks about you Geoff and your awesome family. From as far back as I can remember Geoff, you were always the cool older brother. You always seemed to have you finger on the pulse of coolness, whether it was directly or indirectly opening my eyes to the world of Nintendo and Genesis, skateboarding and snowboarding, and most of all music. Since my sister was stuck in the realm of 80s & 90s pop you introduced me to a new world of music.

Geoff, you seemed to have an ear for amazing music at the time that has since developed into iconic bands/albums of the time and my life. Metallica, Guns N Roses, Danzig, Alice In Chains, Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, just to name a few. I still remember the Gun N Roses poster hanging over your bed when Mike and I would be in there playing "Jordan Vs. Bird" on Genesis. Oh, not to mention... I think you were the first person I knew who had a CD player. The whole skip track to track feature blew my mind.

From playing on the Red Rhinos to eating 7 of Walt's waffles to watching Beavis & Butthead on the Rau big screen I know this family has had an awesome influence on my life. I will continue to pray for you Geoff and the family.

- Scott Carlton aka Scarlton

Fred Land said...

The Lands are still here, and following your progress, and continuing to send more healing energy your way.
Fred, Julie, Chris, Kevin