Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Long Term Care Facilities

Although previously mentioned that Geoff would move to a long term care facility in Los Altos, a facility in Kentfield, CA is now being considered as well. For more information see A physician at that facility, by the name of Deborah Doherty, appears to be the best on the west coast for brain injury rehabilitation. For more on Dr. Doherty see: We plan to take a tour of the Kentfield Rehabilitation and Specialty Hospital on Thursday, and hope to learn more about Geoff's eligibility for treatment.

In regard to Geoff's current condition, he has transitioned from the critical care unit to the transitional care unit at El Camino Hospital. His condition remains stable with no substantial change in neurological function.


ScottyBell said...

Hey Geoff! Stephy and I are just checking in with you! Sounds like your physical health is improving which is TOTALLY AWESOME! I anticipate Blue-steel will be back soon... can't wait for you to drop La-Tigre on us *wink*

Stephy and I are going out canvassing this weekend. We'll be knocking on peoples doors to remind them to go out and vote! Stephy got me a hot pink t-shirt for the occasion... if that doesn't persuade people, i don't know what will.

On a positive note, your condition is keeping you from watching all these damn political ads on tv! Lucky bastard! :)

One last thing... the Phillies won the world series. That actually made me think of you. I don't know if you remember, but we met at a dollar wednesday A's game in Oakland! *sigh* good times... good times =)

That's all for now... Stephy and I love ya!

Kana said...

Hey Geoff! I'm so glad to hear that you're resting and getting better. Andrew and I drive by the Kentfield Rehab Hospital all the time, on our way up to Point Reyes. It's a beautiful area-- I know that you'll enjoy the fresh air of Marin and it will be extra impetus to get back outdoors! :)

Dr. Starr sent me an email the other day asking how you are. We're all rooting for your recovery!!!


Drew Munro said...

Hey Geoff, it's Drew... just wanted to let you know that you're in my thoughts and prayers every day bro, my family too. Things are ok back east here, pretty busy but it makes the days go by fast, I'm on call every 3rd day so it's been jumping. I miss that grill we had right outside our back door... my apartment complex has one, but it's a ways away. I've been fooling around with that marinade we were always using, the one with olive oil, soy sauce and garlic... there is this really great spice shop in Richmond called Penzy's Spices, so I've been experimenting a bit with adding curry and granulated onion to the mix, sometimes oregano and basil. It's hard to beat the original but it's fun eating the mistakes, I'll let you know when I get Marinade 2.0 perfected. Hang tough bro! Cleo sends a gentle paw to the cheek. Best, Drew

Monica said...

Dear Carol, Walter and Michael,

Who would believe that a 90 year old grandma with a hemorrhage in her head as big as a duck egg would be able to come home next week from the Rehab Center? This is a miracle, and it will happen to Geoff too.
My whole family is thinking of you.


darin said...

Hey Geoff. It's been a while but what do I say now??? It sounds like your doing a lot better and I just wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts and prairs everyday. When you recover we can meet on the mountain for a good day of snowboarding! Hang in there and stay strong.


Leanne said...

It was wonderful to get to spend some time with you. My family and I continue to pray for you and your family. True has another letter for you, but he drew a picture of his halloween costume for you so I'll have to send it by snail mail. Halloween was a real treat. I let Stan have his way and get this huge inflatable thing for the yard. It was a horse drawing a pumpkin carriage with a friendly ghost that popped up and went back into the pumpkin. The neighborhood kids loved it and of course it made Stan the official neighbor 'king' of Halloween. We each send our love to you and to your family. All of you are never far from our thoughts.

Leanne, Stan, Brandon, Kiera, and (of course) a "West siiiiiddde" from True

Matt Shuss said...

Hey Geoff,

I have been thinking a lot recently of the following memories:

-The sumnmer days of going to Sana Cruz beach and spending way too much time in the cold water without a wetsuit.

-The Summer where our parents got us season passes to Great America

-The afternoons playing takle football against Mike and his friends, then upgrading to the Mt. View field after your move to Blue Lake Square

-The time I fell through your roof when we went up in the attic when your parents were out of town and your grandma was taking care of us.

-The time you came to AZ and we went to the Warp Tour and went in the mosh pit when it was about 110 degrees outside

-The Halloweens trick or treating together.

Rachel and I are keeping you in close thoughts and we wish you the best every day.

Matt Shuss

Lashonda said...

Geoff, Obama won! I haven't seen this many happy black people since the introduction of the 3-piece meal deal at KFC. haha - remember, I can make those jokes, you can't. Also, I interviewed at UVA yesterday, and two different people at dinner made Harold and Kumar references. Thanks to you, I've seen that movie 37 times and they were impressed that I picked up on it. If I match there, it's all because of you.