Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Body, Mind, Spirit.

Optimal recovery involves healing the body, mind and spirit.

Thus far, prayers and positive energy have effectively restored Geoff's body. As of this morning, we no longer need to obtain daily chest x-rays. Geoff's lungs are no longer damaged. Furthermore, blood tests confirm that the liver and kidneys are functioning normally. To keep his muscles in shape for returning to the gym, Geoff has been receiving a constant protein and electrolyte shake drip through his feeding tube. Unless you hear otherwise, Geoff's body is ready for another marathon.

It is time to focus our prayers and positive energy on restoring Geoff's mind. At the moment, his brain is our only concern. Electronic imaging and bedside neurological evaluations suggest severe impairment. However, neurological science can be misleading, as has been shown on several occasions. In Geoff's case, a miracle is needed, meaning improvement beyond what modern medicine can reasonably predict.

While the reality we face is challenging, the family remains hopeful. Your ongoing support, through prayers, positive energy, and postings on this blog are helpful. Beyond the blogosphere, as of today, our home overflows with family and a few of Geoff's most intimate friends. Even though it is not feasible to have you all here, we still believe, on some level, Geoff is aware of your unwavering support.

In preparing for the long haul, we are taking steps to make Geoff more comfortable. His current situation, with intubation and feeding tubes running down his throat, requires sedation. A tracheostomy will be performed this week, as well as insertion of a gastric feeding line. This will allow for a "sedation vacation", so that we may have a better perspective of Geoff's mental condition and allow him to absorb our love and encouraging words.


Ryan Doordan said...

Hey guys,

I send you all my love. Give Geoff a good punch in the arm for me.


Shanthi said...
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Shanthi said...

Hey Micheal, Carol, Walt, and Geoff,
We are all thinking of you. Thank you so much for the blog updates. Our family is checking in frequently. We are hopeful that the tracheotomy, gastric feeding line, and decrease in sedation will help Geoff wake up. We are praying for you guys.
Shanthi, Randall, and kids

Mckenzie said...


Remember when you, Alex, Mike and I played Life at your house? And I remember you and Alex agreed that you could wear your socks flopping about on your feet, but Mike and I said no way- they have to pulled tight, no bunching under the toes. Or maybe it was the other way around... Either way, that was a really fun day for me hanging out with the big kids- thanks for being apart of that :) Good energy, warm thoughts and arm fulls of love coming your way.


Jodie said...

How appropriate for my post to follow Ryan's. I remember when Ryan, Geoff & I all played the sax in band and that in 7th grade I was scared of Ryan and Geoff...

Walt, Carol, Michael & Geoff - we love you and are thinking of you often!


Fred Land said...

Carol, Michael, and Geoff,
We are still here for you, and that positive energy is still flowing your way. There is plenty to go around, and we are sharing it with you for your return to full health.
Fred, Julie, Chris, Kevin

Laura said...

I am fervently praying that God will heal Geoff's brain and bring restoration and life.
I pray for your family to have strength, courage and endurance for the trial. I am standing with you and believing for a miracle.

CFO said...

I have been thinking of you constantly Carol and Walt, your courage, and of Jackie and Sheila who feel Geoff is like another son to them, and of Michael who has given us the gift of the blog updates. I believe Geoff is hearing you and feeling your love and knows we are all standing by believing in miracles. Jeanne Althouse

Christina said...

The Ballantyne family is praying and sending you positive vibes! You might be getting overly energetic thoughts, but those are from our 2 year old Nora. Who is sending her thoughts in the form of a little dance and a tuneless song that only has a handful of badly pronounced words.
Big bear hugs!
Christina, Matt, and Nora

Alex said...

Geoff- Thinking about you every passing minute and praying that you'll be okay. I am sending positive thoughts and loads and loads of love your way.

Linda said...

Our family is thinking of you daily. We send you our love and encouragement to help you through this difficult time.

The Forell family
Linda, Tim, Johnny & Nick