Monday, October 20, 2008

Still waiting...

Geoff's lungs, liver and kidneys have almost fully recovered. Regarding his leg, we suspect the swelling is a result of previous tissue damage, which is steadily decreasing.

However, in dealing with oxygen deprivation, we would hope to see signs of waking within the first two days. We are now at eight days and not seeing the initial progress we had all hoped for. As time progresses, the chance for a meaningful recovery diminishes.

Now is the time for miracles...

Thank you for the continued support and messages of hope. As a family, we love discovering more about Geoff through his friends across the country. Any additional pictures or memories you can share would be greatly appreciated.


Money Talks said...

I wish him a total recovery!
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Leanne said...

Geoff is strong at heart and I for one believe he will wake up and join us again. Everyone I've ever talked to has felt Geoff's amazing warmth and spirit and been touched in some way by these traits. We all want a full recovery for him and he's in our prayers.

Fred Land said...

from Fred Land:
Dear Carol, Michael, and Geoff:
Our family is connected to yours in more ways than you know. We are sending you positive energy, and we will continue to send it.

Soccermama said...

Geoff and family,
Words escape me...I am praying daily for your recovery and for wisdom for your family. For personal experience, our God is awesome, a great healer, and is ever present with you.

Judith said...

Carol, Mike, and Geoff,
Our family are sending positive thoughts each day, and wishing you spiritual comfort during this difficult time.
Mike we thank you for finding the energy and time to keep all of us updated.
If there is anything we can do please contact us and we will be there.
Dan, Judy, Kyle and Lindsey

ASB said...

Carol, Walt, & Mike,

The Begun Family's hearts go out to you. We hope and pray that Geoff comes back to you full and whole. Marsha and I remember from our past experience with Jason how trying this is. He was in a coma for more than two weeks and has been living a good life for the past 20 years, do don't lose faith. We hope at least the same for Geoff.

And to Geoff,

Get back to the poker table so I can take your money again.

All our love,

Alvin, Marsha, Zoe, Joseph