Saturday, October 18, 2008

Left Leg

Geoff's lower left leg has moderate swelling, but is better than last night. Because of concerns such as blood clots, ultrasound and CT scan tests have been done. These tests indicate no circulatory problems, so the current thinking is muscle swelling due to infection. This, as well as his kidneys, liver, and lungs are all expected to continue to improve to full health.

However, neurologically, Geoff's future will remain uncertain for the next days, weeks and months. Because brain injuries take a week or more to fully reveal themselves on MRI and CT scans, we may know more next week. A major milestone will be for Geoff to open his eyes. Hopefully, that will happen soon, so that the Glasgow Coma Scale ( can be utilized to assess his condition.

A nurse named Glenn has rearranged Geoff's room, and hung greeting cards, photos, and a message from Cleo the cat, so that Geoff will be able to easily see them. Geoff's room has a nice feel. While music plays gently in the background, family and close friends continuously interact with Geoff. We talk to him, massage his hands and feet, and read to him. Some of the reading material has been unusually informative, and it will be interesting to see if Geoff remembers that one out eighteen people has a third nipple.


Lashonda said...

Gentle music...massages? Geoff, you sure picked the hard way to a spa vacation. Wake up! I'm coming to see you soon and I'm gonna expect a little more out of you.


Terry Schneider said...

Hi Geoffrey,
I'm looking forward to answering any questions you have regarding pre-certifications. We believe in miracles. Love you. Aunt Linnie

Kit said...

Geoff, even though we haven't really spoken in quite some time, I still remember all the great time we had during our CRTP year. I know you are a strong individual that will overcome all types of challenges and adversities-- so I am very hopeful that you will reach the very next milestone in your life- that is -- to open your eyes!! I can't wait to hear more about your progress. My prayers are with you!


Ryan Doordan said...


Hey there bud. I'm sitting at LAX waiting for my connection to SF from NY. I look over and see a guy I have done a tour in japan last march with. It's Steve Lukether of Toto and other fame as well. I go over and say hi, he tells me of travel woes. His flight to Osaka is delayed because of blahblahblah. His tour manager comes over withnew routing. The band is all excited so Steve reached down and grabs his tour manager by his manhood to thank him. A nice gesture between two straight men. He continues his antics and everybody is rolling on the ground laughing. This is the guy I told you about who during the walkoff for his encore comes over and asks me to tickle his ass with my Mohawk. So I think you have a general idea what kind of guy he is.

I still on the road bud otherwise I'd be telling you this story in person. I love you and wish you well. If you want a change from gentle music to loud rock, just let me know.


Terry Schneider said...

Hi Geoffrey,
Today, we (the (adult choir) sang the song - Wake up Sinner - Wake up. It was not the song we originally planned to sing but was changed 2 weeks ago at practice. Since all of us fit the title - I believe our Lord and savior Jesus Christ is going to wake you up. Soon I pray, for everyones sake - including the nurses and staff taking care of you. Then everyone will see what a beautiful young man - physician you are. I'm excited and can hardly wait to see the greatness He has planned for you and the lives you touch. I'll write more later. We love, pray and believe in miracles for you. Blessings to you, Carol, Walt, Michael, Maggie and the hard shell pets in the back yard. Love - Aunt Linnie.

Michelle said...

The Swenson, Sasson and Jacobsen families are all praying for you to open his eyes. My sister informed me that a fellow employee, at Seattle airport,son went through the same thing a Geoff. He had the same prognosis was in a comma for 10 days. He is now in slow recovery with full brain activity but the motor skills are coming back slowly. We all know that you will pull through. All our love and prayers. Kris

Alex said...

Hi Geoff! It's your good old buddy Alexandra Lee. I haven't seen you in ages and I can't wait until we get time to catch up. You better wake up soon because we have a few years to go over. I can still remember your smile and your laugh. You were always such a great friend and big bro, constantly inspiring us and making us laugh. I miss you and look forward to all the times we'll get to spend together in the future. Be strong and know that we all love you and miss you.
Big hug,

yach said...

Hey Geoff...
Praying for you and your family during this hard time. Keep working at it, you can do it!

glenn said...

To the Rau Family,

this is the nurse Glenn.

I can't express the amount of love you have given Geoff escepially during these trying days. Each of you have shown a tremedous amount of care, love and hope for Geoff. I know Geoff is one of the lucky ones.

I thank you all for not only the assistance you have given each RN during Geoff care, but I thank you all for being supportive and understanding.

May the miracle come for you and your family.